Angle Pt 5 – A Novel GPS Location Code

Color My Data Eight-bit Compressed Binary Format (CBF-8) encodes data on six-bit boundaries using base-64 digits.  Base-64 digits include the digits 0 to 9, the upper case letters A to Z , the lower case letters a to z and the special characters $ and &. Using three digits each (18-bits) GPS positions are accurate to within 500 feet (best case) to 1000 feet (worst case). At four digits each (24-bits) position accuracy increases to 7.8 to 15.6 feet. In the United States the five digit  zip code gets you the nearest post office. Zip plus four narrows it much further. By contrast, using the angle primitive, base-64 digits, a four-digit latitude and four-digit longitude together with GPS means locating any place on the surface of the earth to an accuracy of better than 16 feet.