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In todays mobile app market customers have come to expect instant gratification.  If a server doesn’t respond quickly enough, they leave and rarely come back. In my view the bloat found in some applications overshadows orders of magnitude increases in speed,
memory and bandwidth. Moreover, bandwidth is not free. If you are developing a data intensive app, why not have as your foundation a data management solution that conserves both memory and bandwidth. Let it be open source, lightning fast and run on any virtual machine, including the app.  To offer such a solution to a community of software developers is why I founded Color My Data.

Early in my software career my employer asked me to take known facts about radars and create tables that a radar warning system could use to evaluate radar signatures.  When I asked the lead software developer how the system worked, he handed me a 500 plus page assembly language listing and said “Here, read this; it’s all in here”. Over time, I did read the code and learned a lot about how assembly language programmers squeeze every last drop of
performance out of machines limited in memory, instruction sets and clock speeds.  That theme recurs in the software I develop and the company that I formed.

Later in my career I worked for a company that launched a constellation of satellites to carry telephone calls.  They needed a dashboard so their experts could log in remotely to any satellite’s telemetry stream and diagnose satellite health. Problem was the server turnaround was so slow two streams of telemetry brought the dashboard to its knees. My solution: put telemetry data management in the dashboard instead of the server.  Suddenly, they could now monitor up to 26 satellites concurrently without missing a beat.  Next, they asked whether this same solution could be applied to their Constellation Trend and Analysis System (CTAS).
CTAS databases were tens of megabytes large and installation took nearly an hour.  Once installed, CTAS took about a day to process a day’s worth of data.  I said yes. My compressed telemetry database took 35 seconds to load from a floppy disk.  That solution meant a day’s worth of data being processed in less than an hour.

Today’s application is nutrition informatics: a dashboard running on a mobile app where consumers play with food selection and quantity until color coded grades signal nutritional balance in the food, recipe, menu-item or meal-plan they plan to consume. By integrating nutrition science with the culinary arts my goal is to open the doors onto a social medium focused on foods that taste good, present well and have clear health benefits. (e.g. weight control, blood glucose control, less risk of heart disease or cancer).

The app demands an efficient data management system that can run on mobile devices and minimize memory and bandwidth usage.
What is your app? How can Color My Data serve you?

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